Care + Safety

Cleaning + Care

Honeypot Baby Accessories Ltd. suggests that you wash each of our products before use. Silicone products may be rinsed under warm water with a mild soap and air dried. Our products should not be placed in the dishwasher, microwave or in any sterilizers. Satin cords used in our products are fast drying and will stretch a little when wet, but should retain its original length once dried. As knots may become loose with usage, they should be checked and tightened on a regular basis. Metal clips should not be submerged in water as they may rust.  We suggest rinsing and air drying our products after each use.

Wooden teething rings, beads, and accessories can be wiped with a damp cloth. Do not soak or submerge any wood pieces in water. Also, do not put any wood pieces in the freezer. Cotton knit can be washed gently with a mild soap and water.

Wood beads and rings are made from natural North American sourced maple and come untreated or treated.  Those treated use an all-natural wood sealer made of beeswax and organic olive oil.  We suggest resealing the wood when needed to prolong the use of the product.  Wood is a natural item and natural variations can occur, therefore, it should be handled carefully and attentively to prevent any damage.  


Honeypot Baby Accessories Ltd. only sells products that are eco-friendly and made of food-grade silicone.  They are all non-toxic, lead free, BPA free, PVC free, mercury free, and phthalate free.  

As a purchaser of our products, you are responsible for monitoring the wear and tear, cleaning, care and usage of our products at all times. Silicone and wooden beads are suitable for the teething baby, and not meant to be used with mature teeth. Products should not be treated as toys. Small objects, including cords, clasps, pacifier clips and beads, can present choking hazards to small children. No child should be left unattended when using any of our products. Our products are handcrafted and not indestructible, and fully formed teeth can potentially damage a product if chewed aggressively, therefore, responsible attentiveness is required. Any and all products should be immediately discarded at the first signs of wear and tear. As a purchaser of our products, you acknowledge and agree that you are solely responsible for safely caring for and properly using products purchased through the Honeypot Baby Accessories Ltd. e-Store as described above and that any mistreatment and/or misuse is not the responsibility of Honeypot Baby Accessories Ltd..

NOTWITHSTANDING ANYTHING IN THE FOREGOING, Honeypot Baby Accessories Ltd. makes no warranty or condition with respect to the products sold through the e-Store, including any warranty or condition of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, whether arising by law, course of dealing, course of performance, usage of trade or otherwise. Honeypot Baby Accessories Ltd. waives all responsibility and liability from the use of its products once sold.